About #TokyoChallenge🗼 – Wanna Challenge something Crazy in Tokyo?

What is the Craziest, weirdest thing you tried in Tokyo?

Is it an otaku culture? Shrines? Green tea snacks? Strong Zero?

Being one of the go-to sources for fun and wacky things to do in Japan’s vibrant capital, #TokyoChallenge is always looking for fun and creative ways to challenge its writers to get out and explore Tokyo. And we want to hear from YOU.

You don’t know half of the craziness going on here yet.
Here is a small sample of the challenges we’ve had so far…

Every month, we send our writers out on a dare – to diverge from the beaten path and travel in ways few have dared to travel before. From gachapon collecting to seeking outrageous vending machines, hunting for aliens and more, our writers have gone in search of Tokyo’s hidden gems. Leave the straightforward sightseeing to everyone else and find out what surprises and quirks Tokyo really has to offer. 

One of our writers, David went looking for UFO in Takao mountain!

Tokyo Survival Channel’s goal is to collect crazy and interesting challenge ideas from you, the reader, and turn them into reality.

Have an insane idea you want to see someone try?

Curious to see a side of Tokyo you’ve never seen before?

Let us know! Tweet the challenge you want us to do @_tokyochallenge for a chance to see your daring and crazy ideas brought to life.


3 Promises of the TSC’s #TokyoChallenge🗼

    We deeply care about the authenticity and originality of our content. This is why we dare our creators to actually go out there in the field to experience the topic in person. We also make sure that thorough research in both Japanese and English for the topic before the publication.
    We work with local businesses and organizations based on the topic.
    There will be no content with the title, “The Top 10 __ in Tokyo.” We create unique content you will not be able to find anywhere else on the internet. Our writers put their own personal twist on their creative challenge.
  3. HUMOR
    We aim for our content to be lighthearted, fun and entertaining—always set up our readers to smile and laugh. That being said, we keep our humour clean, ethical, and respectful of the Japanese culture. Our content uplifts the places, people, and writers who collaborate with us.

The TSC Editorial Team

Hiro KanoHiro Kano – Editor in Chief
Hiro is the Mastermind behind Tokyo Survival Channel. He often goes on-site with the writers for collaboration articles and handles the Japanese end of production. He enjoys coming up with challenges and dares for the writers. Twitter@hirokano123


MayleneOh Mee In (Maylene) – Managing Editor
After working as a PR Executive in Malaysia, Maylene came to Japan to look for new challenges and opportunities. Her role in TSC is to works closely with the Editor and writer to ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet high-quality standards.


MelindaMelinda Kaneko – Editor
An American living in Japan for over 9 years, Melinda works as an Editor and member of the Production Team, planning and working behind the scenes with the writers to make exciting challenges that are both fun to do and entertaining to write.


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